Entrepreneurial Law 101

At Whitmeyer Tuffin, in addition to practicing law and working directly with our clients, we’re often asked to speak to classes and to give presentations about various topics that arise during the life cycle of a business. 

Since these questions are asked so regularly, we thought it would be helpful to create a user-friendly resource for entrepreneurs of all ages and levels of experience.   This “Entrepreneurial Law 101” forum will be organized in a Q&A format.  We’ll post the most frequent questions that we receive from our clients and participants at our speaking engagements with our thoughts on these topics.  Since the ultimate goal is to help you, the entrepreneur, along your journey, we’re also open to receiving your ideas for topics.  While we can’t promise that we’ll address each request, we would love to hear yourquestions and comments.  Feel free to post your questions and comments in the “Comments” sections below or email us at info@whit-law.com.   Let’s start a conversation!  

Finally, please remember that every situation is different, and that the information provided here is of a general, introductory nature and does not constitute legal advice.  See our disclaimer for more information.

  1. Forming a Company

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    “I’m planning on starting a new business and have heard that I need to decide between forming a corporation or a limited liability company (LLC).  What should I do?&…Read More.