Corporate Law

From planning and formation through exit, we are familiar with the needs of businesses at various stages of development. We take a proactive approach to help our clients avoid many stumbling blocks that early and middle stage companies encounter.

Our attorneys work with our clients to meet their legal and business needs as they determine such matters including how to allocate equity ownership among the founders and employees, how to finance their business (raising debt and equity capital from friends and family, angel investors, venture capitalists, institutional lenders and others), how to compensate employees using such tools as stock options, phantom equity, and performance bonus plans. We also work to ensure, to the extent possible, that the terms of these agreements don't hurt the company at the time of an exit event. 

Our corporate legal services include:

  • Company start-up matters, including choice of entity
  • Stockholder and buy-sell agreements
  • Limited liability company (LLC) operating agreements
  • Employment agreements, offer letters and related documents
  • Compensation agreements, including:
    • Stock option plans and agreements
    • Section 409A issues
    • Bonus plans and arrangements
    • Management incentive plans
    • Phantom stock plans
    • Stock appreciation rights plans
    • Change of control bonus plans
  • Angel and seed financing rounds
  • Venture capital financing rounds
  • Entity conversions
  • Technology agreement disputes and arbitrations
  • Tax issues related to the above